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Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services Salinas

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Once upon a time, popcorn ceilings used to be a thing. However, in the recent years, it is beginning to be a thing of the past. As new innovations replaced its primary function, many property owners are deciding to get their popcorn ceilings removed. If you are one of those property owners, you can seek the help of painting companies in Salinas. Usually local painting companies can offer such service for property owners.

Removing a popcorn ceiling is no piece of cake, which is why homeowners are encouraged to hire professional Salinas painting services for proper assistance. It is very common for popcorn ceilings, especially those made in the 70s, to contain asbestos. Considering that it is a toxic chemical it is important to observe the necessary safety protocols, and that includes hiring a local painting company to assist you.

Do not worry about the extra cost that comes with hiring a painting company in Salinas. Indeed, it may come at a price. However, by hiring the right company, you are certainly making a good investment. So, before you even finalize any agreements, make sure to carefully screen and evaluate the company. Also make sure to read up feedbacks about the company.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Process

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The process of removing the popcorn ceiling can be quite detailed and toxic. It entails multiple steps to get the finest results. With the amount of work it requires, you are certainly best off by hiring a painting company in Salinas to assist you. Since they have the experience and the tools, these Salinas painting companies can certainly make a safer and faster job.

In our case as Salinas Painting Solutions, we basically begin by taking off everything that hangs on the wall. We also see to it to remove even the light switches. Next, we also make sure to cover the floor and the furniture inside the room, and the neighboring rooms as well. Usually, removal of popcorn ceilings entails quite some amount of dirt and by doing these necessary precautions, we are able to manage the dirt better.

After preparing the room, we can proceed with the actual removal of popcorn ceiling. Our team of professional painters begins by wetting the ceiling with a nontoxic solution. As we remove the parts of the popcorn ceiling, we immediately bag the debris to minimize dirt.

For the best quality services, the doors of our painting company in Salinas are always open for you.

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